A chain message addressed to Glen Norah, Glen View 7 and surrounding place residents has been making rounds on the social app Whatsapp. The message carries a stern warning to the residents to guard their lives against a band of robbers who are masquerading around in a kombi pretending to be fellow passengers.

The kombi, which goes by the ironic name of Goldern Di_ck, with plate number AEG 4343 is being used by a criminal syndicate bent on preying on innocent people who embark the vehicle thinking it’s a public transport service.

Recently, one lady who is the author of the message found herself a victim of this syndicate together with her friend.

“We embarked on the vehicle thinking it was the typical kombi we were accustomed to but the suspicious thing about it was that the passengers were only male and they were smoking we_ed.

“We hadn’t driven further when they demanded my friend’s Samsung phone and ordered us to surrender any money we had on our being. Out of fear of my life I handed over a total of $23.

“Afterwards they roughly tossed us out of the kombi and drove off in a flurry leaving us stranded. We had to rely on the help of sympathizers,” she said.

She urged the public to be careful not to be hoodwinked by these robbers.

Attempts are being made to trace the vehicle as well as the owner so they are brought to justice.