Zim ladies CAUGHT in Kiss saga, during Match

A recent picture of two Zimbabwean ladies engaged in a lip-lock during a football match is making waves on social media with people questioning whether it was a free spirited moment of the real deal.

The picture has set tongues wagging considering the country’s rigid stance on homose_xuality. The two attractive ladies can be seen posing for a selfie with their lips locked with the other party appearing to be lost in the moment. Many are wondering if the two are in an actual relationship and decided to throw caution to the winds.

The ladies who attended the recent Highlanders match can be seen getting up close and personal on the picture in what mimics a kiss-cam moment. In some sporting arenas abroad they have a camera which zooms on a pair in the spectators and in response they have to lock lips in a light hearted manner. Considering that we have no kiss-cam facilities in the country’s arenas it seemed the ladies deliberately decided to turn up the heat.

Conservatives have scoffed at the picture demanding that the two ladies be arrested as the president has made it clear that the country has a zero tolerance approach to homose_xuality. The liberals are chalking it up to a free-spirited moment between two friends who perhaps had a little too much to drink.

The two ladies were not available for comments at the time of going to print.