Masvingo man sneaks into female hospital ward for sex

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A prominent Masvingo restaurant owner is under investigation  for allegedly forcing his way into a female ward at Masvingo Provincial Hospital and then having se_x with his wife who was admitted to the hospital.

The man is reported  to have argued with the hospital nurses at around 3am and insisted he be allowed to see his wife admitted in the female ward.

He eventually got in and had se_x with hi wife the glaring presence of 10 other admitted patients.

Masvingo Provincial Medical Director, Amadeus Shamu confirmed the incident and said that the hospital has since instituted investigations.

“It was around 3am that patients who were disturbed by the noise coming from the ecstatic couple reported to the nurses that there was se_x in the ward. The nurses summoned a security guard who got the man out of the ward..

The woman is believed to have told the nurses that her husband was abusive and she was going to be beaten if she had not acceded to his se_xual demands.

“I could not refuse to have se_x with him because I could have been beaten in the presence of patients because he is very violent and other,” the woman told the nurses.

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