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6 December 2018

GREETINGS H-Metro readers and sungura lovers,

I am super excited to have been afforded this opportunity to share my story with H-Metro readers in your paper.

To me, it’s like an early Christmas present hard to rest since your paper has been giving everybody an opportunity.

As an upcoming artiste, I am still willing to learn but I thinking I am now my own man.

To find out who I am and what I have in store for my fans, read on…

My name is Lucky Kumene, an upcoming musician.

Without any doubt, I will become an established singer this Saturday when I release my third album entitled Ngoda yaMwari.

I was born on the 22nd of July 1983 in Mutendera Village under Headman Mombeyarara and Chief Makumbe, Buhera.

I attended Mombeyarara Primary School and later Rusvingo Primary School in Harare.

Afterwards, I enrolled at Makumbe High School in Buhera and later did my Advanced Level studies at Murambinda Government High School.

It was an open secret to the immediate family members and all the people who were associated with me during my childhood that I was a melodious singer.

As I grew up, chance were high that one day my dream will be accomplished.

At 35, I feel I have recorded three albums.

My debut album entitled Poronki was released in.

It carried popular chart-toppers like Poronki and Tomutsa Dewa which excelled even though the whole album carried hits.

George Chakwata and a late talented musician and helped me arrange the first project.

In the year 2016, I recorded the second Album entitled Vape Moyo, which gave birth to the hit song Clicka Rudo Vape Moyo which topped local radio charts and came out number 4 on Radio Zimbabwe 2017 Coca Cola top 50.

Like I said earlier on, I have three albums – Poronki recorded in 2015, Vape Moyo (2017) and Ngoda yaMwari – on the corridors and it will be launched on December 8 at East Point, formerly Jazz 105.

My latest album, Ngoda yaMwari, is going to come as a big surprise to the whole of the nation because we want everyone to realise and witness that for sure sungura is there to stay.

Those who will be lucky to be part of the biggest event in town on Saturday will actually give a testimony and they will be blessed to be the first to taste this six track album all hits

I was inspired by the late sungura icon Leonard Dembo even though the late Igwe Murozvi mukuru took the inspiration to the higher level.

Conclusively, those two are my heroes in their order.

I do promise my fans of this genre that as long as I am still alive, this genre will not die and I’m determined to take to the next level.

Honestly, where would we get the energy to go to the third album without a concrete support base.

Of course people are actually anxious about this Ngoda thing; they can’t wait any longer, just wait and watch on the 8th.

My vision is to see sungura being catapulted to higher levels.

I want the Kumene brand to be the brand that everyone wants to be associated with whereby each household will be playing the music.

To ensure that I achieve this, I will continue working hard and consult widely and wisely.

My role model is myself, I just believe in myself, I believe in doing things the perfect way

On that note, my greatest inspiration came from the late Igwe Tongai Moyo Dewa who managed to maintain and uplift his own brand.

Likewise, I have a motto which reads “Forward Ever, Backwards We Don’t Care”.

Childhood memories

Like any other person, I only remember my childhood full of sungura music.

I could see a musician in myself, hence this gave me a lot of push, a lot of courage to say let me try this


As you can see the year 2018 is gone and we are already planning for next year.

We are planning to push Ngoda yaMwari to all the borders.

I will leave no stone unturned to ensure that we my music is reaches to every doorstep.

We are also going to shoot a number of videos to ensure that we complement our album.

It’s no doubt piracy is the biggest challenge I face.

However, I have come up with a few measures and I believe my fans and all music will embrace.

I know they are determined to buy the music directly from me hence we have created a websites www.kumenepower.music.com and they can buy directly from us.

I prefer to be giving ample time preparing for it, making sure our guys are smart, and looking at myself in seeing how best I can present myself so as to please the bosses

As for regional shows which are in my mind, proposals are coming in and discussions are underway, once concluded we will cross the border.

I am happily married and blessed with three boys and without the support of the family I wouldn’t be able to produce this latest offering Ngoda yaMwari.

To me, family comes first and I just love my family to bits.

Despite being an upcoming artiste, I have had my memorable experiences.

And one of them has to be that event when I performed at Dugane Farm Radio Zimbabwe Road Show.

That was my first time to play in one of such a big crowd should I say over 30 000 highly appreciative fans.

To my surprise, the whole stadium was singing along, enjoying with us and dancing to the play, surely I was surprised.

I had an embarrassing moment in 2017 when we had four events lined up for the weekend.

I  had a live show at Bazel Bridge (Friday), another one the following day we had a Radio Zimbabwe Road show at Checheche Growth Point.

All these two smoothly sailed but the challenge then came when we had to stage a show during the night at Checheche.

I discovered that my voice had gone, I was embarrassed surely and it was due to lack of experience.

The next show was at Marange the next day which was Monday, the show started and still no voice.

We just went on stage hoping for a miracle to come on our way, fortunately God worked in our favour because surprisingly the voice came just when I got onto the Mic, the show became one of the very memorable one.

Fans at Marange enjoyed it so much that even the precast security wall and the gate into the show was broken people trying to enter into the show

I do acknowledge that my success is firstly behind the Almighty God and my family follows

: Thank you Zimbabwe and all our music followers and fans, let’s meet at http://www.kumenepower.music.co.zw

Thank You!

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