pcoming musician Philathu Nkiwane who goes by the name Storm has said that ever since his bedroom tape was leaked two weeks ago, he has gained many followers as people are now interested in his music.

Storm who is relatively unknown, shot to infamy when his bedroom tape which was quickly but erroneously labelled “MSU S_ex Tape” (after the Midlands State University ) found its way to social media.

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In an interview with B-Metro, Storm said,

It’s not always that people will resent you when you have a s_ex tape. People gained more interest in my life after they found out that I was an upcoming artiste. They began demanding my music.

You know all publicity is good whether negative or positive, I chose to look at the brighter side and push my music and that was the best time I could do that. I was all over the internet, I saw it as an opportunity to be famous for the right thing.

People did not only download my music but I got booked for a few gigs which wouldn’t have happened if the s_ex tape hadn’t blown up that way

Despite claims that the bedroom tape was made at MSU, Nkiwane is actually a school dropout who is pursuing music.