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In a rather disturbing case, a 22-year-old woman from Bulawayo was arrested after she left her two-year baby in the hands of a total stranger, all so that she could be intimate with her lover at a lodge.

NewZimbabwe reports that Ayana Sibanda was so desperate to have a good time with her boyfriend at a local lodge that she approached a total stranger, Florence Tatani, and begged her to watch her baby for a few minutes as she claimed that she needed to use the restroom.

Tatani acceded to the request but became concerned when Sibanda did not return after the promised few minutes. After three hours had passed, Tatani’s concern for the minor’s welfare pushed her to file a police report.

Sibanda was later apprehended and appeared before Bulawayo Magistrate, Franklin Mkwananzi facing charges of ill-treatment or neglect of children or young person. When asked to explain her conduct, she simply said,

Your worship, I had gone to meet my boyfriend at a local lodge.

She was found guilty on her own plea and was remanded to May 7 (today) for sentence.

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Shock As Mom Abandons 2-Year-Old Baby With Stranger In Order To Have Quality Time With Lover At Lodge
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