Multi award winning beatboxer, now a rapper, ProBeatz born Takudzwa Denzel Mashonganyika is set to be one of the few talented Hip Hop stars to look out for in 2020 after taking a sabbatical.

ProBeatz appeared at the inaugural Dj Stavo And Friends concert last month were he proved that he is a rare and untamed talent.

Most people have known him as a beatboxer but at the concert he introduced himself with his ten months old track called Very Limited Edition.

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Such a high tempo and upbeat track was a great entrance to vibe with the already hyped crowd after ThaNuVyb left the stage lit.

Indeed it worked and it was not surprising that people love his music equally to his beatboxing.

As the leading Zimbabwean beatboxer, Probeatz delivered some magic. Some people do not understand beatboxing, but everyone was in his or her dancing shoes.

It was amazing to hear Hi-Hats, Kicks, snare and vocals at the same time coming from one mouth making up a computer produced beat such as Boasty’s.

Recently Probeatz released a new track titled ‘Ibanga Iroro’ and indeed the song is a ‘double-sided sharp knife’ which has some Afro-Pop fill.

As an artist who has now found space in the music industry, his songs are now available on all online platforms such as Spotify, iTunes and Audiomack just to mention a few.

The beatboxer/rapper has been getting rave reviews on social media from very influencial people, and if these reviews are anything to go by, ProBeatz is set to have a fabulous 2020.

Below is the direct link to his new track

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