With prices of basic commodities shooting up on a daily basis, Desperate Zimbabweans are flocking to the streets of Harare for cheaper alternatives and this has become a boom for most informal traders. Major Downtown streets in the capital namely Cameroon, Mbuya Nehanda, Robert Mugabe and Chinhoyi street have become virtually ‘Street Supermarkets’ catering to grocery needs for impoverished citizens.

However, this rush for cheaper basic commodities has also presented opportunities for unscrupulous individuals who are now selling fake goods. A Harare woman fell victim to such traders today after being sold 4 boxes of Fake Cerevita for 4 United States Dollar. The boxes had the same weight as regular Cerevita but the crooks had stuffed coarse salt instead. When the woman discovered that she had been duped, it was already too late. All she could do was take to social media to warn others not to fall into the same predicament.

Scammed in Harare
Scammed in Harare, Sold Boxes Of Fake Cerevita
This is not the first case to be reported, another shopper was sold a Cereal Box full of sand and upon returning to the ‘Street Shop’, the vendor was nowhere to be found. There is nothing wrong with buying food from the streets, times are tough in Zimbabwe and in some cases it could be the best bang for your buck. Here are a few checks before purchasing. Firstly check the expiry dates, Secondly check the contents, if they are boxed as in the case of cereal open it to make sure it’s the real deal. If you are purchasing beverages make sure the container is factory sealed and has no signs of tampering on the lid.

Lastly, for peace of mind,iHarare recommends you go to grocery tuckshops(they are also cheaper) or your local supermarket. These retailers have a physical address and in the event of a dispute, you have better chances of getting a refund or a replacement.