A MAN from Bulawayo has appeared in court for assaulting a National University of Science and Technology (NUST) student causing internal head injuries after he found him bedding his wife in his house.

Mandlenkosi Ndlovu (36) of Gwabalanda suburb pleaded guilty to assaulting his neighbour, Tatenda Stanley Dzira (22), when he appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Ms Tancy Dube. He was remanded out of custody to an unspecified date when Dzira is discharged from hospital.

A medical report says there is a possibility that Dzira’s brain may be affected by internal bleeding, which would be fatal after he was hit by a metal pipe.

Dzira denied bedding his neighbour wife, Ms Florence Sibanda (29).

However, in a statement Ms Sibanda said she had se_x with the NUST student.

“I beat him up your Worship. I admit. I was angry. I found him hiding under my bed, in my bedroom. He failed to give a good explanation of what he was doing in my bedroom, under my bed,” said Ndlovu.

Prosecuting, Mr Mufaro Mageza said on October 1 this year in the morning, Ndlovu had a misunderstanding with Dzira when he found him in his bedroom with his wife of 11 years.

“On October 1 this year at around 9AM in Gwabalanda suburb, the accused person had a misunderstanding with the complainant over why the complainant was found under the accused person’s bed and ended up with the accused person assaulting him,” said Mr Mageza.

He said Ndlovu attacked the complainant with a metal pipe several times all over the body.

Dzira told the court that he had gone to Ndlovu’s home to borrow a flash drive.

“I was going to our money club when I decided to pass by Ndlovu’s home asking for a USB. I found his wife alone at their home,” he said.

“In a period of about five minutes, Ndlovu came back from where he was and was spotted by his wife. She panicked and told me to hide under the bed since she was afraid that he would cause commotion.”

However, in a statement to the police, Ndlovu’s wife admitted that she and Dzira were lovers.

“The complainant came to my home and Iocked the door from inside so that we could have se_x without disturbances from my children who were playing outside. Shortly thereafter, my husband arrived and my children shouted, “uDaddy usemnyango” and I swiftly lifted the bed to allow Dzira to hide. I opened the door and my husband asked why I had locked the door,” she said.

Ndlovu allegedly wanted to collect his hammer from under the bed and that is when he stumbled on Dzira.

He started striking him with a metal pipe before the student managed to escape.

Sibanda fled and sought refuge at her sister’s house.

A medical report produced in court stated that Dzira sustained external and internal injuries that could possibly lead to bleeding in his brain.