Charles Mukasi, aged 25 years, a vendor from Epworth who is in the business of collecting empty plastic bottles for resale thought he had found any easy way of making money when he passed through the City Sports Centre in the wee hours of Thursday the 22nd of December 2016. He saw heaps of stacked plastic chairs which were UFIC Chitungwiza Basillica bound in preparation for the crossover night.


The chairs were in the overflow tents and Mukasi saw a perfect opportunity for a quick buck. Alas little did he know that this was going to be the start of his troubles. He took six chairs and put them in a sack he was carrying and made his gate-away.

When he was in the CBD and upon seeing a police patrol unit Mukasi started manifesting and shouting “Machair aMakandiwa ari kurema. Machair aya aMakandiwa ari kurema.” The police accosted him and asked about the sack he was carrying. He confessed to the police that he had stolen the chairs from “Makandiwa’s church.” The police team attention had been attracted by the strange behavior of Mukasi as he seemed to be carrying a very heavy load because of the way he staggering.

They were surprised on opening the sack that it contained only six lightweight plastic chairs. When they checked his sobriety they saw that he was normal. On questioning him why he was walking in a strange way Mukasi said he was not even understanding how he was walking. The sack of chairs had become a very heavy burden on his back.

He confessed that after leaving the City Sports Centre the sack became glued to his back and he could not put it down even when he wanted to rest because of the dead weight of the chairs. As much as he tried to throw down the sack he could not and it was as if there was another force pressing it on his back.


He had been wandering aimlessly for hours, sweating profusely and labouring under the weight of the chairs when the police team apprehended him. What surprised him was that immediately after his arrest the sack became very light and was easily removed from his back. Mukasi said Prophet Makandiwa is not a man to be meddled with because he (Mukasi) now believed that the chairs he stole were anointed, no wonder why they were stacked in an open place.

Mukasi’s sentence was wholly suspended for five years since he was a first offender and did not waste the court’s time by not admitting to the offence. An elated Mukasi said he was going to attend the next UFIC’s service and apologise in person to Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa because he committed a grave offence.