Supa Mandiwanzira buys Seh Calaz album for $2.5k

Information, Communication and Technology and Courier Services minister Supa Mandiwanzira continues to show his great support for Zimdancehall as he is connecting well with both the artists and ghetto youths.He has proved his support towards the growth of the genre in the country by unveiling a slot on a radio station he is linked to, ZiFM Stereo, that has helped to unearth an array of new voices on the showbiz circuit.

It is to that effect that Mandiwanzira received a heroic welcome from the ghetto youths who all stood up and in jovial mood shouted his name as he entered Club 1 + 1 to officiate at Seh Calaz’s (pictured right) video album launch on Africa Day’s Eve.


In what appears to have become his trademark at such events, Mandiwanzira bought Seh Calaz’s video album titled Original, for $2 500.
The album is a collection of videos of songs from Seh Calaz’s albums.

Mandiwanzira urged the ghetto youths to defy the odds and not be afraid to showcase their talent and promised to support those who put the country on the map.

“Zimdancehall has helped to put Zimbabwe on the map and as government, we are fully behind arts. Seh Calaz is a talented young man and I am proud to grace the event. The ministry of Information and Communication Technology and Courier Services is encouraging musicians to embrace IT as this is in line with modern global trends,” he said.

“I grew up in the ghetto and this is why I am fully behind ghetto youths. Zimdancehall artists should unite and show their capabilities in singing.”

There was frenzy when the minister took a moment to communicate with the packed audience in Patois (Jamaican Rastafarian language), known locally as Patwa or Patwah.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority CEO Karikoga Kaseke expressed gratitude to Seh Calaz, born Tawanda Mumanyi, for assisting in promoting tourism.

“We happen to have the same drive of promoting our nation, and as such, I offer this young man an opportunity to play at a function we will hold on June 2. We also pledge an all expenses paid trip for him to Victoria Falls with his wife,” he said.

The event that was organised by popular socialite Wanisai Tendai “Mahwindo” Mutandwa through her Sound Blaze productions and other partners attracted businesspeople, socialites and musicians across genres, among them Sulumani Chimbetu, Stunner, Freeman, Killer T, Baba Shupi, Carlos Green and Mudiwa Hood.


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