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why chinx May have been denied National Hero Status

With the mists of controversy swirling over the ‘hero’ status of Cde Chinx several versions of why he was denied a resting place at the national shrine are emerging.One such rumor is that Cde Chinx was axed by the Zanu Pf politburo after he fraternized with the enemy. With the very public feud between the first lady Dr. Amai Grace Mugabe and Joyce Mujuru it seems comrade Chinx didn’t take to heart the saying ‘choose your friends wisely’.

 Cde Chinx is said to have participated in a graduation gig hosted by Joyce Mujuru in Mt Darwin sometime in October about 3 years ago. He was one of the singers at the event entertaining the party attendees.Everyone who attended that gig is said to have been axed by the ruling party with some being shown the door. The function was seen as an underhand move to thrust Mujuru into the spotlight and declare her as the de facto president of the country

According to witness they were posters of Mujuru being displayed around while the attendees showed their support in what was seen as an allusion to her being the president.

Exactly three weeks after this gig Mujuru was booted out of the party in a humiliating manner. The rest, as they say is history. Not much was said to Cde Chinx who was after all not very politically active. It seems his lesson will be one he will learn from beyond the grave.


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