local firm invents a ‘self-charging’ battery

David Chifunyise, the CEO of Cybercard Enterprise Solutions (now you know) announced on his LinkedIn how their company had created a ‘self charging’ battery that uses the natural moisture surrounding it to produce power – talk about renewable energy!

It was not the only development he announced but definitely his most important one. Below is the announcement in his own words

I’m really excited by the recent research discoveries made by our R&D department. We have recently been studying Renewable Energy and the cheap creation of Hydrogen from water for our Internal Combustion Engines. We now have this technology working powering our generators using Hydrogen – This we feel will go a long way in creating Mini-Grids for Africa – which is our main target market.

That’s not the most exciting development though, during the Hydrogen research we created a new Compound that we found could split water in the latent moisture at room temperature and this was generating electricity in the process. We have now taken that technology further and have created a self charging battery that uses nothing but the moisture in the environment to produce power. Simply Exciting !. We have found the batteries highly efficient and you can increase Voltage by stacking units and increase Amperage by increasing the surface area. Our Power Banks shall be our first product but we will be moving into commercial power generation for companies and for communities after our first round of funding.

Our next step as we further our research is to incorporate Graphene into the batteries to dramatically increase how much power our cells can output without drastically increasing the battery size – This should allow us to create Self-Charging batteries for Electric Vehicles which is a world changer for the viability of the electric vehicle market. We look forward to a day where Zimbabwe becomes the leader in supplying EV Batteries.

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