Mhere’s good fortune

17 May 2018

Mathias Mhere and KVG

It appears gospel musician Mathias Mhere’s experiment to try a new sound on his new album “Panogara nyasha” has brought him good fortune.

With a barely a month since its release, the album has already sold 26 000 copies, 20 000 of which were bought by top clothing shop Bachelors Republic where he is the brand ambassador.

The other 6 000 copies have been sold in the streets during the album promotional road shows.

Mhere says Panogara nyasha is by far the biggest album that has given him the most sales.

His second highest when it comes to album sales in Nguva yenyasha a  2014  release that sold approximately 18 000 copies according to Mhere.

It is followed by his 2017 release Old Testament that approximate to 12 000 sales.

Speaking to Mathias Mhere at the Star FM Studios after his interview on the 326 Xpress with KVG and Phathisani, he said:

“I think the title of the album “Panogara nyasha” alone has brought me this good fortune.

“This is an experimental project, I was  trying new things new sound and in most cases experimental things don’t start off on a high.

“But in my case it was different, ndidzo nyasha dzandiri kutaura and that’s why I strongly believe speaking positive words always in life is very important.

“I named the album “Panogara nyasha” and ndabva ndawanirwa nyasha the album is now my biggest seller of all the albums I have done and yet it was an experiment.”

He added:

“We are still to carry more shows around the country as we promote the album and spread the gospel far and wide around the nation.

“Above all I thank God nekundiwanira nyasha, I thank my fans, friends, family and urge them to keep doing so.

“I also thank Bachelors Republic for their support.”

Panogara nyasha, a 10 track album produced by Lyton Ngolomi  and Tatenda Viali carrries songs  like “Ma Tables”, “Munhu Kuvanhu”, “Sarafina”, “Porofita”, “Adam Emmanuel”, “Anogara Pakati Pedu”, “Simba Kubuda”, “Bhuku” and the title track “Panogara Nyasha”.

It is Mhere’s seventh album after others like Double Double, Glory to Glory and Tinoda Nyasha which carries hit songs like Favour, Chipostori and Vimba naJehovha among others.

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