Tocky Vibes speaks on new album


25 October 2018

Samantha Ngwenya

ZIMDANCEHALL sensation Tocky Vibes who recently released his fourth album last Saturday entitled Chamakuvangu has defended his move to have 22 tracks on the project.

Born Obey Makamure, the 24-year-old said the fact that his album has 22 tracks simply means he has something to sing about.

“It simply means I have something to sing, the important thing is to sing sense.

“I would get worried if people are saying I am not singing songs with substance. I actually have so many songs and I can have an album with 100 songs,” he said.

The album was produced by more than five producers among them Cymplex, T Man and Samcris and he said the idea was to bring a different feel to his fans.

“Yes, I have worked with several producers and it is actually good for the fans. I don’t want to have a monotonous sound.

“It’s good for my brand and the industry as well. All the producers will be putting 100 percent effort unlike when all the 22 songs are being produced by one producer.

“Instead of taking away their creativity I just felt one or two songs are enough for one producer,” said Tocky Vibes.

The musician is confident that the album marks his comeback though he denies that he has been on a low note.

“Well, if you want to call it a comeback I don’t have a problem but, I can tell you that I have been around and my music was always rotating. Actually, my real fans can testify to that,” he said.

Tocky describes his project as a masterpiece.

However, he said his fans are the jury.

“The project is good, it’s the best. I don’t think there is an artist who goes into studio to work on mediocre stuff. But I will leave that to my fans to judge,” he said.

He also explained the title track Chamakuvangu, saying it simply means the best and that is why he chose the name for his album.

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