Gwisai’s sad love experience


7 November 2018

Rey Gwasai

MUSICIAN Rey Gwisai has narrated some of his sad love experiences in his new song entitled Ndafunga Kuroora.

In the song produced by T Man of Mt Zion Studios, he features Ba Shupi.

Speaking to H-Metro, he said:

“The song basically talks about previous unfruitful affairs, being jilted by ladies, experiences I have personally gone through and a usual unmarried man go through.

“So one then gets to a stage where they are tired of all this and they are now seeking for true love so they can be able to marry and be merry.

“I was really excited to work with Ba Shupi on the record; he is a great artiste that really made a big contribution to the song.”

Gwisai is known for his creativity when it comes to commenting about social life.

He has released other songs like Nhayi Mwari, Chiuya Tigare featuring Pah Chihere and Komborerayi Zimbabwe among others.

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