The Chronicle

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
A dark cloud hung over Bulawayo as the city’s artistes mourned a renowned music producer, Joe Maseko, who was buried at Luveve Cemetery on Wednesday.

The musicians are now pondering over Maseko’s replacement as there are very few producers in the country who are as versatile as Maseko was.

He worked with many artistes in the country and outside for nearly 20 years and was operating from House of Rising Sounds Studio which was at his home in Bulawayo’s Gwabalanda suburb.

Many musicians recorded at his studio and as such he was fully booked most of the time.

Musicians were guaranteed airplay on radio once their music was produced by Maseko because his productions were of high quality.

Maseko was working on a number of albums for groups such as Black Umfolosi and Men of Influence.

Simbarashe Kodzai aka KOD who has been working with Maseko for the past six years, has assured the musicians that their works will be completed.

“We’re just in a period of mourning and thereafter we start working on the unfinished projects that Bra Joe left behind. We want to do that in his honour and also continue producing music for artistes in Bulawayo so that Bra Joe’s legacy lives on,” said KOD.

He said although Maseko’s shoes were too big for him, he will strive to do his best to ensure the high standards were maintained.

KOD said few weeks before his death, Maseko had indicated that he was preparing to retire.

“We were recording some imbube group’s work and as Maseko was training me, he said to the group members, ‘Now I can safely retire,” said KOD.

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