Inaugural Mapopoma fest for Vic Falls locals


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Tonderai Zvimba, Showbiz Reporter
VICTORIA Falls residents have somehow accepted the fact that the Victoria Falls Carnival, which is held in their town at the end of each year, is not meant for their enjoyment as it is mainly for domestic and international tourists.

This has been evidenced by the fete’s line-up as well as the hefty ticket pricing which has often discouraged the town’s residents from attending.

While some packages like cheaper prices for locals and free entry for those who stay near the venue — Victoria Falls Primary School —have been offered, there still has not been much excitement among the locals.

In fact, what has been exciting for them over the years has been the carnival’s side events (parties) in the CBD as well as the money they make from the visitors, both from Zimbabwe and countries such as South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia.

So when the Fallin’ Festival was introduced some three years ago, locals embraced it as it seemed to have their interests at heart.

This event, which ran on the same days as the carnival — December 29 to 31 — was held at a central venue — Rest Camp and had a wholly local line-up.

It had DJs and artistes from the resort town, Bulawayo and Harare.

Also, the tickets were quite affordable.

This event, which was held for two years, was an instant hit among the Vic Falls populace but it sadly fizzled out.

All hope is, however, not lost for the locals as another festival, Mapopoma, is on the cards and will also run from December 29 to 31.

This festival, according to its organisers, will celebrate the arts, culture and the beauty of Victoria Falls through music and dance.

Organiser, Patrick Musonza, popularly known as DJ Spevar, said: “This festival is for the people of Victoria Falls and it’s meant to provide entertainment for those who cannot afford to attend the carnival.

“It’ll also provide a spotlight for Victoria Falls artistes as it’ll have a local line-up.”

The three-day New Year’s fete will be held at Zambezi House with tickets being sold for $10.

On December 29, there will be a Lumo party (glow in the dark) where revellers will use safe ultra-violet lights and put on creams to make luminescent and neon things glow while other objects remain dark.

Various DJs including Spevar himself, Jimmy and Wallace will entertain festival goers.

The second day will be a family fun day, starting at 11AM.

“On this day, we thought of catering for the kids as well. There’ll be Jumping Castles, face painting and a tshisanyama.”

A shutdown party will be held on New Year’s Eve to usher partygoers into 2019.

“Partygoers will enter 2019 in style with the beautiful view of the Zambezi River as the event will take place at Zambezi House which is adjacent to the river.

“Artistes from Victoria Falls including Kweseka band, Peanuts and Ice Cream band, Ras Boom and DJ Ace Kater and Genesis musical group as well as Harare’s DJ Dollar Bill will perform,” said Spevar.

The shutdown party will be hosted by Breeze FM’s Miss Cass and Michelle Gapara, a Vic Falls motivational speaker.

DJ Spevar said they would have loved to bring top Zimbabwean musicians but their budget was tight.

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