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Mai Titi camps at Madam Boss’s house, Sparks Violence/fireworks

The ongoing spat between comediennes Madam Boss and Mai Titi has gone to a whole new level of crazy after the latter physically went to Madam Boss’s domicile to confront her.

Mai Titi personally drove to Madam Boss’s house to wreak havoc and settle the score once and for all.

From the looks of it, Madam Boss was absent when Mai Titi touched base at her domicile. However there were reports of an altercation and Madam Boss’s car was said to be bashed and the tyres slashed.

The two ladies crossed swords after  Mai Titi blasted Madam  Boss for pretending to be all about the glamorous life while her father’s grave lies to waste and her mother’s home resembles a shack.

In riposte, Madam Boss indirectly implied that Mai Titi was ugly and used filter to enhance her looks resulting in Mai Titi going bananas amid a slew of profanities and threats.

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