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‘I’m tired of doing my hair and make-up’: Pensioner, 75, who became a woman in sex change operation 23 years ago wants to be a man again

‘I’m tired of doing my hair and make-up’: Pensioner, 75, who became a woman in sex change operation 23 years ago wants to be a man again


  • Gary Norton, from Coventry, says the operation was a huge mistake and is desperate to return to her original sex
  • After being disowned by her family for the operation she is attempting to get back in contact with them to apologise
  • Unhappy pensioner claims she felt uncertain about the procedure while on the operating table but felt it was too late to back out
  • Wants to warn others about her experience after she woke up confused and upset after sex change operation

A pensioner is pleading with the NHS to turn her from a woman back into a man, after realising the sex change operation she had 23 years ago was a huge mistake.

RAF veteran Gary Norton, 75, underwent a full male to female gender reassignment  – but says it left her trapped in the wrong body.

She’s now ditched her wardrobe of women’s clothes to live as a man again and is on the waiting list for a mastectomy.

The pensioner, who is legally and still physically a woman, says she is desperate to return to her birth sex before it is too late.

Gary has extended a desperate apology to her family, who disowned her after they discovered her secret life

Gary, who changed her name to Gillian after her wife and four children disowned her, says she knew the sex change was a mistake when she grew sick of doing her hair and make up and continued to be attracted to straight women.

She says: ‘I’m a red-blooded man and always have been. I still can’t believe this happened to me. I should never have been given the op. I tried to make a success of it, what else could I do?

‘But I’ve been living a lie. The sex change was a huge mistake.

‘I was vulnerable and I was given poor advice which has ruined my life. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.’

Gary, of Coventry, is pleading with doctors to turn her back into a man, claiming she should never have been operated on.

But her local Primary Care Trust have so far refused to fund a reversal.

Now she wants to warn others considering the operation and extend a desperate apology to her family who have disowned her.

Gary says: ‘Having a sex change was the biggest mistake of my life. It has left me isolated from my children and feeling like a social misfit. I would do anything to see them again.

‘I’m lonely because I want a relationship with a woman but I can’t have a physical relationship because I’ve got no equipment.

‘I want to advise others to think twice, it’s one heck of a mistake to make and as I have found out there is no going back.’

Gary’s horror story began when she sought help for depression from her GP after being made redundant.

During the meeting she admitted to dressing in her wife’s clothes for a secret thrill. She says she now realizes this was as far as she ever wanted to go.

But she claims her GP concluded she could have been depressed because she wanted to be a woman and advised her to start taking hormone pills.

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